Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review

Just one look at the programs packaging and you will get the impression that this is an extensive bodybuilding book.

No one can blame you for that as the subtitle itself would seem to indicate so: Fat Burning Secrets of the Worlds Best Bodybuilders….

Another quick look at the authors picture, with his lean and mean figure and prominent six-packs, you would truly get the impression that this is a book for bodybuilders and would also make you bulky and big.

But after going through the material, you would soon find out that this assumption is incorrect as the book really focuses on what it states fat burning secrets.

Yes, the writer is a long time bodybuilder and a fitness expert but Tom Venuto is also a certified nutrition expert due to 14 years of extensive study and this book is the result of all his experience and expertise.

It combines the importance of proper nutrition with the need for an effective exercise program all you need to know in order to burn the fat and feed the muscle.

About the Author

Tom Venuto has been a lifetime natural bodybuilder most of his life and have never used drugs or steroids to get the perfect figure that he has developed over the years, which has won him several competition titles including 2nd place in Mr. Natural USA.

For over 20 years he has studied, tried and experimented on various ways to effectively burn body fat while using himself as the guinea pig.

The result is this book that guides you through the process of getting rid of unwanted body fat.

Apart from writing over 400 fitness-related articles in various websites and publications, Tom also has a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and is a member of prominent health and fitness associations including the International Society for Sports Nutrition or ISSN.

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Details

The eBook is a massive weight loss and body fat burning program that combines an effective diet menu plan, an equally effective workout routine, and the mind techniques that will help you accomplish your goal.

It aims to eradicate all misconceptions and wrong practices in the field of weight like engaging in exercises that not only reduces fat but reduces muscle tissues as well.

The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program or BFFM teaches you how to lose weight effectively without affecting your muscles, which are equally important elements in your physiology.


1. The eBook, as mentioned earlier, is not just a bodybuilding program but a complete fitness and weight loss guide that includes everything from goal setting, proper nutrition, proper sleep, the best cardio exercises and the best weight training routines that will maximize your weight loss.

2. Being a natural bodybuilder himself, Tom gives advice and focuses on the truth regarding the use of supplements.

3. With 14 years of extensive study in nutrition, Tom provides an in-depth guide on diet strategies that will help you get rid of body fat and speed up the fat burning process safely and effectively.

4. He also provides valuable information with the aim of removing all misconceptions about nutrition and diet.


1. The main problem with the eBook is its relatively lengthy write-ups that are not supported by illustrations or pictures.

2. Weight training and exercises are not discussed in full detail, rather more importance is given on the issues surrounding fat loss.

This additional information like discussions on cortisol, insulin and other similar topics may not be needed by the average fitness buff.


The techniques and strategies on weight loss and weight training that you can gain from this e

Book is unique from traditional and more popular methods and this is where its strength comes in.

It makes no false claims as everything is supported by facts with a number of satisfied client testimonials.

The length is the only problem with the eBook but a person wanting to learn about burning fat and building lean muscles more extensively than what they could get from their fitness trainers may do well by grabbing a copy of this book.