Calculating your Activity Factory (Total Energy Expenditure)

Once you have your BMR calculated, you now need to find out what your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) is. Your TDEE is a combination of your BMR plus calories expended through other activities such as showering, walking, and going to work or school. Generally speaking we are not very good at tracking all of our activities down to the minute on a daily basis. Was your shower 12 minutes or 15, Did you brush your teeth for 1 minute or 2, Was total driving time 74 minutes or 94 minutes? So to make things simple activity factors were established for people to generalize how many calories they burnt throughout the day.

There are 5 categories.

Sedentary – Little or no exercise, minimal activities(Couch Potato)

Lightly Active – Light exercise or activities, sport 1 – 3 days/wk(Students, office workers, housewives)

Moderately Active – Moderate exercise or activities, sport 3 – 5 days/wk(Light industry, tradespeople)

Very Active – Hard exercise or activities, sport 6 – 7 days/wk(Athletes, laborers, army recruits)

Extremely Active – Hard daily exercise and physical labor job, sport twice a day(Lumberjacks, miners, athletes)

The 5 categories have respective activity factors as follows

Sedentary – 1.2

Lightly Active – 1.375

Moderately Active – 1.55

Very Active – 1.725

Extremely Active – 1.9

Generally speaking most people will fall into the lightly active or moderately active category. You also have to realize that these are very broad guidelines and you really have to look at how much work you are doing to accurately see where you should be placed. Despite the fact that I work out twice a day in the on-season I am still only in the very active category mainly because I am behind a desk for the majority of the day and during my off season I am in the lightly active category.