Hoodia diet pills for weight loss

Hoodia diet pills are pills that contain hoodia gordinii, which is an incredible appetite suppressant that comes from the dried hoodia gordinii succulent plant. Hoodia has been used for centuries by the Sans tribe of bushmen in Southern Africa, to ward off hunger and is now being used by millions of dieters world wide as a highly effective appetite supressant.

Bushmen who discovered Hoodia

Hoodia diet pills should consist of pure dried organic hoodia from Southern Africa and should have no further additives apart from the capsule in which the dried plant matter is stored and administered. Hoodia diet pills should ideally contain in excess of 400mg of hoodia per capsule with a daily dosage of three tablets per day in order to totally effective for weight loss.

In clinical trials where subjects were placed in a room with nothing else to do but eat, those who received hoodia diet pills ate half the amount compared to those who did not receive hoodia diet pills. This amounted to as much as 2000 calories less consumed per person on hoodia diet pills.

Pure Hoodia Diet Pills

Hoodia diet pills are a highly effective appetite suppressant, which will help you to reduce the amount of food consumed, resulting in a calorie reduction of up to 2000 calories per day, which could see you losing 1 to 5 lbs per week. If your initial weight loss sits at 5lbs per week that could add up to an amazing 20lbs in the first month of using hoodia diet pills for effective weight loss.

Hoodia diet pills are not all good and here are some of the things that you must be aware of, prior to rushing out and buying hoodia diet pills. Hoodia stems from thy semi arid area’s in Southern Africa and is a slow growing succulent plant. World demand has exceeded availability and as such has brought about some products which are filled with fillers such as saw dust.

There have been a host of such products which hit the stores. Many of these products stemmed from China. Although the plant stems from Southern Africa, there have been some efforts to cultivate the plant in area’s of China and Mexico. It is not established just how effective these clones are in appetite suppression and my personal advice is that you rather stay with the product that comes from Southern Africa, which has been tried and tested.

When buying hoodia diet pills, is is advised that you buy hoodia diet pills that have been certified as being pure, and that each diet pill consists of at least 400mg of pure hoodia per capsule. Leas than 400mg per capsule may result in the product not being effective in warding off hunger.

My personal choice for Hoodia diet pills is UniqueHoodia. Uniquehoodia contains an amazing 460 mg of pure hoodia per diet pill and has been certified that it is pure organic hoodia from Southern Africa. UniqueHoodia is in limited supply due to the scarcity of hoodia, and so unfortunately there is a limit of a maximum of six boxes per person(sorry) per order. Hoodia is not a cheap product, but is highly effective for weight loss. If you are offered a cheap version of hoodia diet pills, then the chances are that the hoodia diet pill has been filled with other fillers in order to reduce costs. Unique hoodia carries a guarantee of six months, so you can not really lose anything except fat by trying this amazing product.
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