Calculating your Activity Factory (Total Energy Expenditure)

Once you have your BMR calculated, you now need to find out what your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) is. Your TDEE is a combination of your BMR plus calories expended through other activities such as showering, walking, and going to work or school. Generally speaking we are not very good at tracking all of our activities down to the minute on a daily basis. Was your shower 12 minutes or 15, Did you brush your teeth for 1 minute or 2, Was total driving time 74 minutes or 94 minutes? So to make things simple activity factors were established for people to generalize how many calories they burnt throughout the day.

There are 5 categories.

Sedentary – Little or no exercise, minimal activities(Couch Potato)

Lightly Active – Light exercise or activities, sport 1 – 3 days/wk(Students, office workers, housewives)

Moderately Active – Moderate exercise or activities, sport 3 – 5 days/wk(Light industry, tradespeople)

Very Active – Hard exercise or activities, sport 6 – 7 days/wk(Athletes, laborers, army recruits)

Extremely Active – Hard daily exercise and physical labor job, sport twice a day(Lumberjacks, miners, athletes)

The 5 categories have respective activity factors as follows

Sedentary – 1.2

Lightly Active – 1.375

Moderately Active – 1.55

Very Active – 1.725

Extremely Active – 1.9

Generally speaking most people will fall into the lightly active or moderately active category. You also have to realize that these are very broad guidelines and you really have to look at how much work you are doing to accurately see where you should be placed. Despite the fact that I work out twice a day in the on-season I am still only in the very active category mainly because I am behind a desk for the majority of the day and during my off season I am in the lightly active category.


Home Fitness Workout

I think a home fitness workout is a win-win situation with regards to your overall fitness and your personal free time.

Sometimes, when you have ten things to do with little time to do them, going to the gym just isn’t practical. Time is precious after all.

If something is going to give, it’s going to be the gym session, so you’ll miss out on your exercise entirely.

That’s where the home fitness workout comes in!

You don’t have the palaver of packing your bag and travelling to and from the gym, with all that fuel expense. You simply have to kit up and perform a 20 minute workout routine (or less), and you’re done! Think of all that time you get back to do those important jobs . . . or to just spend some quality time with the family!

The Home Fitness Workout

The home fitness workout below is a quick aerobic circuit that will last around 15 to 20 minutes depending on your level of fitness.

It consists of only 5 great fitness exercises that make up 1 circuit, and you’ll repeat this circuit 3 to 4 times.

The exercises you will perform are as follows. Perform them in the order given.

First of all, set your stop watch to bleep at 1 minute intervals. This will signal you to change exercise.

Start your stop watch and begin the first exercise on the list, the press ups. When you finish, what you do next will depend on your personal fitness level. You can either rest for the remainder of the minute, or you can jog on the spot for the remainder.

Believe me, jogging on the spot might sound easy but this circuit can be very demanding if you jog between every set.

Then, when the watch bleeps after the first minute, start the next exercise. Crunches. Again, when you finish the required repetitions either rest for the remainder of the minute or jog on the spot.

Work your way through the remainder of the circuit, and repeat the circuit 3 to 4 times.

Making The Home Fitness Workout Easier

If you’re new to this type of fitness training, or find it a bit tough to complete the entire 3 or 4 circuits, there’s a couple of things you can do to make it a little easier. Just whilst you are building on your stamina.

For starters you can perform less repetitions with each circuit. As an example, if the suggested repetitions are just too much then you can reduce the repetitions by 2 or 3 for each circuit. So on the first circuit you could perform 15 repetitions, then on the second circuit you could drop it to 12 repetitions, then on the third you could drop it to 9 repetitions. And the same goes with the other four exercises.

Or you could take a longer rest period between sets. This would mean setting your stop watch to bleep at 90 second intervals or even 120.

If you wanted to complete the workout in 20 minutes you will have to perform less circuits, otherwise you could extend your workout a little.

Of course, you could do a combination of the two just to get you started.

Making The Home Fitness Workout Harder

After a while you’ll start to breeze through this workout. You’re going to want something tougher. More of a challenge.

So you can make this workout as tough as you like.

Start off by performing your repetitions faster. Just a small change in speed will make you breath harder.

Then you can jog on the spot a little harder. Lifting your knees higher will make all the difference. Really pick them up.

Then you can perform more repetitions for each set. With your stop watch set to bleep at 60 second intervals, you’ll have less rest between sets.

Then, once you’ve built up your stamina to take on this, increase the number of circuits from 4 to 5, then to 6.


2 Things You Need To Cut Down On To Lose Weight

There are many things you will need to change to make your weight loss plan go as fast as possible. However the 2 main things people need to cut down on is sugar and carbohydrates.

The reason you need to cut down on down of these is because your body finds it harder to break down these than protein or other foods.

Cutting out all carbohydrates is not a good idea as this is your main source of energy throughout the day do you will need to take in some. However taking in carbohydrates late at night is a bad idea as it doesn’t give your body much time to burn off the calories. If you have food sitting in your stomach when you are sleeping you aren’t going to be burning off many calories and that food will then get turned into fat.

The best way to still eat carbohydrates is to have theme earlier in the day so you give your body more time to burn them off while still having the energy. Ideally you will have this for lunch as this is a good time to get most of your carbohydrate intake, this will give your body enough time to burn off that energy.

Sugar is another problem when it comes to weight loss eating to much will be hard to burn off. Most fruits contain high amounts of sugar so people think eating a lot of certain fruits are good for them. However you should always be aiming for 5 fruit or vegetables everyday eating too much can be bad for your rapid weight loss plans.

So remember when planning your diet to try and cut down on the carbohydrate and sugar intake. If you are going to eat them try make it earlier in the day.

I hope you enjoyed my article please check out my other articles for more information on rapid weight loss.

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