Life is good!

Anybody but me

that seems to be the line of thinking these days for most people, as in this case of a father who abused his child to death, via A Small Victory - No One Ever is to Blame. This evil, evil man’s attorney is going to argue that somehow it is not his fault but is somehow caused due to his ancestors being enslaved, oh, about a few hundred years ago. Michele smacks the argument down pretty good in her post and I completely agree with her that I am amazed that this guy’s attorney can actually spew that kind of crap in front of a judge with a straight face. Maybe the next time I feel like smacking a white person, I can do that and then claim that it was because white Britishers lorded it over my countrymen pre-Independence. It is abhorrent that a sadistic father caused his child’s death by abusing him and it is beyond reprehensible for him to try to blame it on anybody else but him.

A little hungover

Ok, so the birthday celebrations lasted a little longer than usual - it was really a girlfriend and me sitting at home and sharing two bottles of good chardonnay and frozen pizza, but we managed to yak it up till 2:00AM. So, I went to bed at 2:30 and woke up at 6:00, since I needed to get to work. All this might cause me to post or not intermittently.... But then it is Friday, so who cares? Have fun and party on, y'all!

Today's stuff roundup!

I think Raj Bhakta is kinda cute in a weird sort of way and am watching the Apprentice to root for him. I don’t know if he will win (Kelly and Kevin seem pretty strong to me), but he does have a good chance. Go Raj, the anti-stereotypical Indian guy!

I hate Survivor - how can you vote off the one and only eye-candy, Agent Brady? Boo!

Watched “The Forgotten” over the weekend. Spoilers below, so don’t look unless you wanna know (that rhymes!)…

OK, this was one of those movies that I think as a mom I was supposed to get real moved by and cry buckets in. Unfortunately, I didn’t do so. Here is a brief synopsis - Julianne Moore plays Telly, whose son died in a plane crash 14 months ago. She still loves him and cannot let go, so she keeps seeing a therapist (Gary Sinise). One fine day, all traces of her son in her life start to disappear - pictures in albums, video tapes, etc. She first suspects her husband of doing this to cure her, but turns out her husband doesn’t believe she ever had a son as does her therapist and her ex-babysitter. She finds the dad of a little girl who dies in the crash with his son, but he doesn’t believe he ever had a daughter.



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