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Marriage for keeps or appearances?

You know why my blood boils when I hear stories like the one above? It is because I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of humiliation, the sense of betrayal and the total loss of self-esteem a wife must face when her husband who has had kids with her leaves her for a man - it is even worse in a sense than being dumped for a woman.

See, it is hard but understandable when a man leaves you for a younger, prettier thing - you know he used to love you at some point - he doesn’t anymore. It is easy to reconcile yourself to this and easy to forget if not forgive. When you are left for a man though, it means the man was gay and the whole marriage was a sham - there never was any sense of love between you. The man was simply denying his feelings and putting up with you for appearances sake.

The whole setup makes the woman feel used - what about the kids? How do you explain to them what happened? How can you forgive someone who screwed your life while he is trying to get his bearings straight? Y’know, I wish men like this didn’t marry at all. I wish they would first decide if they were gay or not and then choose their path - not marry first and decide they were gay later…



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