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I didn't see it

I have never been very plugged into Indian politics much, let alone the politics in my home state of Andhra Pradesh. I should still say I am pretty surprised by the loss of TDP to Congress by such a large margin, considering I have heard nothing but good things about TDP from my relatives and parents back home. I wonder what went wrong!

I am not exactly sure this is going to be good for the state in the long run

Naidu’s exit not to hit IT: Nasscom

The Nasscom (National Association of Software and Services Companies) President makes all the right noises, but it is hard to see how Congress is going to keep Naidu’s policies going strong while claiming that they are nothing like him.

Jekyll & Hyde Mavs

Basketball monsters on the homecourt and NBDL pussycats on the road - that has been pretty much the story with my Mavericks all season long this time. They beat LA in LA after 13 years and got swept by Atlanta Hawks. They have the best homecourt record in the NBA for the season, but don’t have homecourt advantage in any of the playoff rounds owing to a fifth seed for which they barely beat out Memphis Grizzlies making their first playoff appearance ever. They have the tallest player in the league, but are famous for their “small ball”.

They sucked bad enough in the first two games of the first round playoffs in Sacramento that people started talking about a sweep - and then they come home for the third game and play like they deserve the championship. Offense? the Mavs always had it. Defense? What do you call 19 steals, 26 TOs forced and holding the Kings down to a scoring average about 20+ points less than their season average. What a rollercoaster ride it is to be a fan of this team - Whew!



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